Learn how to wrap your Veilure Couture Scarf. Videos coming soon... 


This is by one of our customers and model for Veilure Couture, Rohema Mu 




For our scarves, it is recommended to wear an underneath cap since most of the chiffon material is slippery. 


For hijabs with designs and appliqués......

1) When facing the mirror, place the scarf on your head with the design on your left.

2) Pull the right hand plain side all the way where now the design part is the shorter end.

3) Pin your hijab preferably in the center

4) Take the long end and wrap it around your head once

5) Now take the excess of the long end and wrap it again now around your neck

6) You should be left with a little flab of that end

7) Now take that short end and find the end of the design part and made a knot.

8) You can then adjust it accordingly. 


For print hijabs..

It can be wrapped in any way to your preference.