About Us


Veilure Couture is California based and was officially debut on the runway in November of 2012 at Relief at the Runway Fashion Show 


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In June of 2013, it hit the runway again at Hijab for Justice Fashion show sponsored by CAIR San Diego.  


Veilure Couture designer hijabs is about feminine Elegance, Sophistication, & Glamour while being modest. Each piece is handcrafted with the utmost care and detail in the U.S by designer Marwa Tarakji.


About Marwa

Marwa comes from a big Syrian family. She grew up on the East Coast in New Jersey. She moved with her family to California in 2001.  She holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Social Behavior from the University of California Irvine.  However, art and design have always been a childhood passion.


Background of Veilure Couture

Every girl has her personal story of how she came to wearing her hijab. Marwa's personal journey lead to her love and passion for the hijab today.  Her personal stylings of wearing it has evolved over the years but one thing remained which is the belief in its beautiful presentation. "Subhan Allah our faith is beautiful and hijab is an outward symbol of that faith in action." How could something so beautiful be viewed as so oppressed? With challenging stereotypes about the hijab, it became like a personal mission to break those misconceptions to the world. 


Balancing Act

In Navigating a way to combine modesty and beauty, inspiration was created to designing Veilure Couture Hijabs today. Marwa's love for Art and drawing transmitted to learning how to sew for the first time. She started to make them for herself and family but was encouraged by so many friends to share her designs with the world.  Many of her friends would tell her the positive feedback they would receive from wearing her pieces and the confidence they felt. Ultimately, hijab is one of the best ways for Dawa. "In my experience, it has been one of the best conversation starters. People tend to be attracted to beautiful things and sometimes a woman wearing a beautiful hijab can make a positive impression on someone. I have witnessed over the years how this impression had triggered a compliment from a complete stranger which lead to questions about hijab and Islam."


"Fashion Changes but Style Endures"---Coco Chanel

Most of Marwa's designs are influenced by the legendary Coco Chanel. "I am obsessed with her combination of glamour and simplicity". She was a pioneer in changing women's fashion at her time.  I aspire to do the same in deflecting negativity towards the hijab. Ruffles, pearls, diamonds and lace dominate most of VC pieces.  However not all the designs are pre-drawn, sometimes they are inspired and ensembled through beautiful notions and fabrics that come together. 

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